Bed and Breakfasts: The Perfect, Charming Vacation Retreat

January 4, 2024

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a closeup of a charming bed and breakfast

Choosing accommodations and lodging is a crucial part of planning any vacation—after all, if you don’t have a warm bed to sleep in or something good to eat in the morning, are you even on vacation? A bed and breakfast (B&B) offers a delightful alternative to traditional hotels, hostels, or your friend’s couch, and once you go to one you truly love, you’ll never want to vacation any other way ever again! Continue reading below to learn more about why a bed and breakfast like the Buttonwood Inn on Mt. Surprise might be the perfect spot for your next vacation retreat.

You Can’t Beat the Value

Let’s face it—hotels aren’t always cheap, and whether you’re traveling solo or with a group, it’s not always easy to fork over that amount of money for lackluster, generic lodging and accommodations. That said, some hotels might be cheaper than some bed and breakfasts, but they absolutely cannot compete with the value offered by B&Bs. At a B&B, you get everything you could possibly need included in the price, without any weird, frustrating hidden fees or built-in charges. You’ll also have access to reliable information about things like restaurants and scheduled activities, which can help your money go even further during your trip. You’ll also be able to seek out suggestions for sights to see and other ways to pass the time—the White Mountains region in particular has excellent hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, and other exciting activities that you otherwise would be clueless about without the savvy insights of local B&B owners!

Unique Décor and Amenities

Each B&B has its own distinct personality and style, and though you might not always be able to tell from pictures or reviews, the atmosphere and ambiance that the right décor can establish is incredible. The rooms are often individually decorated or themed, showcasing the host’s unique tastes and creativity. You might find some of the coolest paintings, artwork, or other ornamental pieces you’ve ever seen, and you’ll truly feel at home! Some B&Bs also offer awesome amenities: fireplaces, hot tubs, scenic views, and other features that add a lot to the overall appeal and elevate your stay further. Of course, this atmosphere cannot be truly appreciated without a little bit of privacy. Bed and breakfast owners understand this, and you can rest assured they’ll respect your boundaries while making your stay as pleasant as possible.

Homemade Breakfasts

Who doesn’t love breakfast food—especially if it’s homemade? One of the highlights of staying at a B&B is the epic home-cooked breakfasts you’ll have access to. Hosts generally spare few expenses when it comes to preparing these delicious meals for their guests, and you’ll likely have access to a menu that features enticing dishes prepared with care, most of which are sourced with local ingredients! This truly adds a personal touch to the whole stay and makes every morning feel special.

The bottom line is that if you appreciate personalized hospitality, incredible ambiance, and of course, excellent breakfast food, you shouldn’t wait to plan out your next vacation retreat at a bed and breakfast like the Buttonwood Inn!

About the Buttonwood Inn

The Buttonwood Inn on Mt. Surprise has proudly served the guests of North Conway for over 75 years, and they’d love to host you during your next stay in the area! If you have any questions about the blog or you’d like to get in touch with their staff to book your next vacation, feel welcome to visit their website or give them a call for additional information. Telephone: (603) 810-0642.

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