New Roof for Historic Inn

September 13, 2018

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The Buttonwood Inn gets a new Bonnet as it approaches 200 years old.

It took 5 days and 55 man-hours with a crew of 5 men to put on 4,200 square feet of metal roofing this past August.  The old roof material they removed was comprised of EPDM rubber.  A high temp ice and water synthetic underlayment was also applied to prevent ice damage and provide extra protection from water infiltration.  The metal roof was then laid down with a combination of adhesive and rubber grommeted screws.  The next piece of metal roofing was laid down on top of the adhesive to hold it in place, and so on in each section of the roof.

The three chimneys were also repaired during this project to ensure the integrity of the joints and prolong their life.

Finally, 300 clear ‘snow guards’ were applied to the upper and lower roofs with adhesive then screwed down on four corners.  They will help to shed the snow into smaller clumps as it slides off of the roof. In the past, when the roofs shed, an avalanche of snow would hit the lower roof and it literally sounded like thunder. Our dog Britt would get very anxious to say the least.

This was a costly project but it will protect our roof for decades to come and we think it has really improved the appearance of the Buttonwood as it approaches it’s 200th Birthday in 2020.

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